Registration for Summer 2021 Is Now Open!

Summer 2021 Begins In

08Days 14Hours 30Minutes 09Seconds

3rd Grade Full Summer -Closed Out

4th Grade Full Summer – Closed Out

5th Grade Full Summer – Closed Out

Group di$count$!

$100 discount on full summer registration for each new family when you come as a group of 3 new families!!

($50 discount for half summer registration)

(Must all register within 3 days, and write it on the application)

Existing family referral bonus!

For each new family that you bring to CKM, you will recieve a $50 discount – NO LIMITS!

Purim Special – a special raffle for any new applicants between now and February 28th, “ad chatzi hamalchus” – 50% off camp price!

Winner – The Bub Family, Passaic, NJ!

Camper Hotline Number: 720-721-4700