Staff Information


Thank you for your interest in being a
part of the Camp Kesser Malka team!

We are looking forward to an amazing summer, filled with action, ruach and fun! Just because you are no longer a camper doesn’t mean that the fun part of camp is not geared towards you as well! Our goal is to match the fun for staff and camper alike, with wholesome fun and ruchniyus, of which the tone will be set by the staff. Get ready for a summer of fun!!

Once you have submitted an application, please click on the link below to schedule an interview.

The positions and appropriate ages that are available are as follows

18+ years old

Senior Counselors

Girls Entering 11th and 12th grade

Junior Counselors

16+ years old


Girls Entering 10th grade

Arts ‘n Crafts and Sports Assistant, Photography, Mother’s Helper